Brake Service Specialist

Is your car squealing at you? It’s probably your brakes.

Nine times out of ten that squealing noise means it’s time to have your brakes checked. We specialize in brakes, clutch and suspensions. We’ve been doing it for 30 years.

Our comprehensive diagnostics and good ole’ fashioned know-how get to the root of the problem and deliver a solution that will get you back on the road safely at an affordable price.

We deliver solid car service solutions. When you leave our shop the problem is fixed. Guaranteed. Our workmanship comes with a 12-month warranty. Call today for a fixed price.

Not Just Cars. We handle light commercial trucks and 4WDs, too.

Not every mechanic can deliver the specialized care light commercial trucks and 4WD vehicles require. We do. Book in today and get specialized service at an affordable price. (03) 6234 8555.

Performance Upgrades

Want to get the most out of your vehicle? We work with both PBR and Brembo callipers.

Be sure and check out our Special Offer. It’s worth a look.

Drop Off Convenience

We’re located at 57 Brisbane Street right in the centre of town. Our centralized address gives you ultimate convenience. Drop off your car on the way to work and pick it up on your way home. It’s that easy.

Need further car service?

We’re happy to help. Our services include:

Fleet Cars

We offer a special discount for fleet cars and utes. Call today to find out more. (03) 6234 8555.

Operating Hours

We’re open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5:30pm.

Convenience. Experience. Expertise.

Book your service with West End today.